Thursday, February 01, 2007

Photographing a laser beam, guaranteed to blow your mind!

Well, more taxing is capturing the intermittent laser in action as it slices through steel and of course get the best shower of sparks too!

Allow me to explain. I was at Taylor Made Fabrication in Thatcham for a feature due to appear in the next edition of the Newbury Business News. They were keen to have a photo of their laser in action, replete with sparks cascading away from the cutting point.

Well, the sparks do not come on command and the laser is actually busy cutting out an intricate shape and has a programmed mind of its own! Consequently it took hundreds of shots trying to anticipate the point where all the desired elements would be in play. My perseverance paid off and I eventually caught this image on my camera. So impressed were they that it will not only be published in the newspaper, but it is also set to grace the wall of their front office.

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