Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Opportunity Knocks

While start ups will often devote large swathes of time to disguising just how shiny and new they are, more established organisations will often let significant landmark anniversaries drift by without recognising the tremendous PR opportunities they present.

Today I visited Newbury Nannies - just months away from their 25th anniversary and reassuringly aware that it presents a good opportunity to secure some exposure, but hopefully my own expertise as a journalist and running Morgan PR added a few more ideas to the mix.

Newbury Nannies was founded in 1982 by Nicola Walters, who more recently established Acres of Fun, which is recognised as one of the most prestigious private nursery schools in the area and will no doubt celebrate its own 25th birthday one day!

So ask yourself, how long has your business been going? Or do you know someone whose company is quietly letting an anniversary slip by? Give Morgan PR a shout before you blow those candles out and retreat into darkness!

Incidentally, Morgan PR celebrates its fifth birthday later this year!

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