Friday, February 02, 2007

Shirtworks Shop re-opens in Oxford

I had a fun morning in Oxford today, photographing the official launch of a client’s revamped shop on the Cowley Road. I had not visited the old Shirtworks store, but everyone seems united in their conviction that the all new look is a tremendous improvement.

They had taken my idea for a giant tee-shirt and equally outsized pair of scissors for the symbolic focus of the opening ceremony and it looked fabulous. Well, I would say that wouldn’t I! The Shirtworks team are pictured here.

The shop has been re-designed by Jan Lund of Jan Lund Design and she joined in the festivities today, clearly very proud of her efforts - and it really does seem like a bright, modern shop that deserves your custom for printed and embroidered tee-shirts and workwear!

We’d invited the various local media to cover the event, but in the reality I suspect the fringe nature of the event tempted them to wait and see what the photos were like we promised to send them.

In a competitive news environment it always pays to take your own photographs of a media event, not least so that you have some you can use without needing to credit a newspaper. However, cameras go wrong and accidents happen – so you never know when your photos might become the photos!

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