Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Morgan PR launches new website

Welcome to the all new Morgan PR website!

Well, really this is just the blog, but above is a screengrab of the new Morgan PR website, so ably created by David Fullstone and his team at FC Online.

What started as an idea to tweak my old site a little over a week ago rapidly evolved into a full re-design project and gave me the high pressured chance to review our online offering.

Fortunately, the work we have been doing with Sally Rainbow-Ockwell from Action Coach has helped the company grow and focus on its future which in turn has given a firm direction to the website.

It does feel like a collabrative effort. David did the hard work with the coding, but the photographs are by Neale James at Breathe Pictures - except the champagne one, which was kindly provided by the Newbury Weekly News. Key clients also responded to my request for fresh testimonials. All these have combined to give the site a professional feel.

Go and have a look! And do try out the slickest contact form known to man!

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