Friday, February 09, 2007

The Importance of Updating Websites

As my web guru David Fullstone of FCOnline has so often told me it is vital to keep your website looking fresh and even more important that it tempt that likes of Google to visit.

So with a hefty nudge from the aforementioned master of web trickery I found my website in the process of evolution and have been writing some 25 pages of web copy today - all fresh and bursting with honest to goodness key words.

They will be thrust into the crucible that is web programming as an artform and my new website will take shape this weekend. It is being based on a fine looking site FCOnline is writing for another client - after all, the wheel is round and works pretty well.

It has been a fun exercise prompted by the knowledge I needed to tweak the aging site here and there ahead of the web address being promoted next week when a feature on Morgan PR appears in the Newbury Business News. The tweak turned into a complete revision and I am indebted to David for his committment to this project.

And if you are quick you can watch the maestro at work this weekend!

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