Tuesday, February 06, 2007

Palady Homes offer quality apartments in Newbury

Over the years I have worked with a host of property developers on different projects, but I am delighted to be working once again with Palady Homes, quite possibly one of the most discerning developers I’ve met.

The company founders, Adrian Doyle and Alex Pearce, have both worked for the high volume developers and have strode in the opposite direction ever since, striving to produce high quality, near luxury homes with the kind of attention to detail normally only seen among obsessive self-builders!

After all, why would they buy a site with planning permission and then incur delays and expense seeking different planning permission? Surely economics would dictate turning it around faster would pay? Maybe, but that wouldn’t tally with their standards.

Butterfield House – already half sold after little more than a month of marketing – will be quite possibly the most splendid apartments in Newbury with so many features it is hard to list them without sounding like a rabid estate agent.

I am heading back to Butterfield House at the weekend to take a picture of Alex and Adrian high on the scaffold where they assure me are commanding views of Newbury.

And they forecast snow!

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