Monday, February 19, 2007

The Benefits of Simple Touch

One of the features within the forthcoming March edition of the Newbury Business News is 'Women in Business' and today it brought me in touch with an old friend - now that is a friend of old, not an elderly friend!

Julia Bennett runs the Simple Touch massage practice and is such a brimming bundle of positive energy you suspect that clients could leave her treatment room above Jason Palmer Hairdressing in Newbury feeling infinitely better - without ever have been touched! So just image how well it would work with a massage thrown in!

I was fascinated to learn that her considerable skill base now encompasses baby massage; something that she teaches parents to do in their own homes.

As she eloquently explained: "Massaging your baby introduces a unique level of confidence and trust to your relationship as it creates a deeper bond between you and your infant. Massage also helps aid digestion and can alleviate colic and wind. A loving touch is essential to the healthy growth and development of your baby."

Naturally it is a good progression from the pregnancy massage that she also offers alongside more traditional therapies.

Now I feel quite guilty. If I had seen Julia much sooner, when these treatments were new offerings rather than the established practice they are today, there was a golden opportunity for a news story with all the benefits that can bring. Now there might still be, but it will be a harder win than it was.

Which neatly leads me to the benefits of retaining Morgan PR as my website explains. Alongside the reasonable fees (from just £75 per month!) to a client predicting their spending, it also means we meet regularly and do not miss those opportunities.

Anyway, with a lunch date firmly in our diaries we will not be leaving it as long until the next time we catch up! In the meantime, if you have been a customer with Simple Touch, please tell us more in the reader comments.

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