Thursday, November 02, 2006

The Best Of Newbury Photo Exhibition

A wonderfully innovative idea comes to fruition this evening when the wraps come off a highly original photographic exhibition at the Corn Exchange in Newbury.

Neale James of Breathe Pictures, a modern and creative commercial photographic business and Karen Holmes of The Best of Newbury, the local franchise owner for the national internet directory service, first came up with the idea over a year ago.

Karen explained: “Both Neale and I wanted to capture the spirit of Newbury, not just a few buildings – but the true spirit of what makes Newbury a great place – the people. Newbury has undertaken so many changes over the last few years with events like the Bypass and the Market Place renovation; we thought lets capture the life and soul of our vibrant town in an exhibition.”

The Best of Newbury Exhibition carries shots of some of the real characters of Newbury. To be eligible to sit for a shot, the subjects must live, work or contribute to Newbury in some way. There is a mixture of humorous, formal, informal and eccentric portraits which describe the people around the town and capture the essence of Newbury, with subjects as diverse as you would expect in a town the size of Newbury.

“In all we have taken over 150 fantastic portraits of which we have chosen the best 50 to exhibit on a 12 x 16 canvas," explained Neale. "Each one of these portraits carries a small biography of the subject, capturing their story and what they do for Newbury. The others are displayed in one of two collages – everybody who has taken part will appear in the exhibition.”

Perhaps most exciting is that this will become a regular event and talks are taking place with several major sponsors for next year which will make this even bigger and better.

Those photographed (okay, I must declare a vested interest here and incidentally, my blog photo is one from my session in the studio - when my phone rang and Neale kept snapping!) have been invited to a special 'invitation only' preview tonight - officially opened by the Earl and Countess of Carnarvon.

Rest assured you will learn on this blog about how tonight goes and maybe with a few more photographs too!

The exhibition is on display at The Corn Exchange until the 18 November.

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Sarah Rhoads - The Virtual Office Secretary said...

I missed the opportunity to participate this year, but wish Breathe Pictures and The Best of Newbury (aka Karen Holmes) every success. What a great initiative - truly inspiring. I'll await with anticipation the sequel.