Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Fifty Ways Beneath the Cover

In a song surely still ringing up royalties, The Flying Lizards warbled: ‘The best things in life are free’. Admittedly they were dismissing such things in favour of money, but I have just read a terrific book that cost me… nothing!

Those visitors to this blog who originate with the West Berkshire Business Club will already be familiar with our chairman, Steve Mills of Max Marketing. On his blog he is offering his ‘Stealth Marketing’ e-book absolutely free. You simply email him and ye shall receive.

Like so many good books on business ‘Stealth Marketing’ is a delightful combination of common sense advice – stuff that you are almost certainly doing, or at least know you should be doing! Through to other advice that is stunningly insightful and that you instinctively know will work. There are even a few that you will need to try to believe!

Anyone who has met Steve Mills is in no doubt of his ability and his enthusiasm is infectious. This book is just a glimpse of what he has to offer and does include details of an online course ‘Marketing Without Money’ The course comes in units and can be worked through either daily, weekly of monthly. Each unit lasts one to two hours and comes with full course notes. The course can be worked through at you own pace and costs just £49. He also offers a successful seminar under the same name.

The very first tip is to enter your company for business awards and rather fittingly I should remind you time is ticking away to enter the most prestigious of such competitions in our region. Check out WBBC for more details about the West Berkshire Business Club Business of the Year 2006 and how to enter.

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Sarah Rhoads - The Virtual Office Secretary said...

Nigel Morgan has highlighted a great marketing source with Max Marketing.

I too know Steve Mills well and have read his book "228 Ways to Drive your Business Forward" from cover to cover.

What a combination.....Nigel Morgan - Expert in all things PR (and then some) and Steve Mills - Marketing guru.