Monday, November 06, 2006

Scaling the Dizzy Heights

I've had a number of emails and posts asking me how I've nabbed the number on slot on Google for 'nigel morgan blog' and also, how other bloggers from our district of the blogosphere are also appearing high on Google - via my blog.

This development was a surprise, but should have been obvious really. The very same actions that have pushed my blog up the search engine listings will work for everyone else mentioned in it too!

Interestingly, simply using the phrase 'nigel morgan blog' will help and I have not even started using tags yet - these identify key words that Google finds more easily!

Surely it is this simple:

  • Post as often as you can.
  • Place links within your blog.
  • 'Ping' the search engines to tell them something has changed.

Basically I have used Ping-o-matic, which I have bookmarked and click on everytime something changes on my site. This prompts the search engines to send their spiders to my blog and index it. Then when we do these searches - when anybody does relevant searches - the engine has what it correctly believes is recent, relevant entries.

The more people click on these returns the more relevant Google et al will deem the site to be. You can create a kind of self-fulfilling prophecy simply by writing and pinging!

Hope this helps? We look forward to reading your comments.


Sarah Rhoads - The Virtual Office Secretary said...

Thank you for your advice Nigel. I have used Ping-o-matic this morning and await with excitement to see what happens.

tonyfourfourtime said...

Thanks also from me Nigel - About to get blogging and try the Ping-o-matic.

Karen said...

I too have started to Ping (is that the same as the Monty Python sketch with the machine that goes bleep!!??)- thank you Nigel am starting to get into this blogging lark now!