Thursday, November 30, 2006

Look Into My Eyes, Only Into My Eyes...

The humble hypnotherapist has a bad press courtesy of dodgy stage acts that have grown men thinking they are dogs and of course the Little Britain character, Kenny Craig, who has had so many parroting his lines (or using them in blog titles):

"Look into my eyes, look into my eyes, the eyes, the eyes, not around the eyes, don't look around my eyes, look into my eyes... You're under!."

Fortunately the reality is much more refreshing and there are some professionals out there who transform people's lives with their skilled use of hypnotherapy; a million miles from those stage shows and TV parodies.

This morning I have been writing about one such heroine: Anne Thomson. I've been lucky enough to know Anne since long before she completed her exhaustive training and have been writing about her practice, Mindset Hypnotherapy, for almost two years now.

Advanced Hypnotherapy is the Aston Martin of such therapies. Rather than papering over the cracks and merely tackling the symptoms - which is all conventional hypnotherapy does - she uses Advaced Hypnotherapy to talk to your subconscious and discovers the reason behind the behaviour you want to change and then addresses it at that level.

I have spent time chatting to the people whose lives she has changed and even know some of them personally so have witnessed the long term benefits of their treatment.

Anne actually helped me with some advanced hypnotherapy when I found myself less than enthusiastic about a belated operation to have my tonsils out during the summer of last year. I made her work for it though! Together we discovered I have "the balshiest sub conscious ever", and I have to agree I was less than helpful!

Professionally we have reached that blissful stage where I believe I truly understand her business and what she is trying to achieve and consequently can produce copy that has consistently driven new clients to her practice. Combined with referrals she has created a very successful business.

Personally she is a blast! Partly because once we have determined a particular theme for an article, our meetings descend into hilarity and we generally disrupy whatever establishment we have alighted upon. Our conspiratorial laughter turns many a head.

So with Christmas approaching and the New Year taunting you with a plethora of short term resolutions you will half-heartedly attempt to maintain, stop and think of the extra help that Anne could give you in achieving those goals and contact her here.

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