Saturday, November 04, 2006

Google Top Slot Euphoria Short Lived

In the fickle world of cyberspace I was delighted and thoroughly stunned to discover that my personal branding had been so enhanced by barely a week of blogging that a world search on Google would return 'nigel morgan blog' to its premier slot.

I was nearly as shocked to discover my obituary was number two. However reports of my death were actually someone much, much older who happened to have the same name. I suspect competition from this namesake will be short lived. The successful artist who specialises in painting larger ladies may be an altogether different challenge.

However, 24 little hours later and I've gone. Vanished. Well, my blog isn't featuring on the first few pages and I am not dignfying the possibility that I am there, but in double figures! The euphoria has been replaced by despair! Not least because the dead namesake has the top slot! (I suspect those I emailed with news of my rise to the top have clicked on the obituary out of morbid curiousity and prompted Google to think it is more interesting than this blog! As if!

As a precaution I have not given you links to any of my competitors!

Interestingly, searches for titles of my individual entries do reap rich rewards and comments I have added to more established blogs feature too. I do particularly well with a mention on mental health blog The Trouble With Spikol when blogger Liz Spikol thanks me for sending her an article from Guardian Unlimited. I stumbled across her blog on a search engine months ago and keep visiting. A columnist in the Philadelphia Weekly she is a terrific example of good prolific blogging. Actually that mention has driven traffic to my blog and prompted a few emails.

What has clearly helped my cause is using a website called Ping-o-matic that tells search engines and archives when I have posted a new message. Within 24 hours I can find that message online, albeit with some pretty precise searches; but it does mean my blog is out there to be found.

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Sarah Rhoads - The Virtual Office Secretary said...

Well I've just done a google search and not only are you number 1 but you are also number 2 and 4 - interest in the deceased has obviously decreased (God rest their soul)

You are obviously doing something right and know your marketing strategy....maybe you could provide some blogger and or marketing services to those obviously in need of it.