Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Do It Tomorrow and Other Secrets of Time Management

Okay! People in glass houses... It seems like only last week and indeed the week before that I used this blog to bully my numerous friends and associates who had not been maintaining their blogging efforts... and guess who has fumbled the ball! Yes me!

Not dropped the ball you understand - merely talking about the possibility of dropping the ball in a post on this blog actually transforms the metaphor into a fumbling rescue! Clever eh?

When it takes so little time to keep a blog updated, being busy simply isn't an excuse. It is up there with the time I once claimed to be to busy to attend a time management course my employer wanted me to attend! The truth is the biggest incentive to manage your time effectively is running your own business - slack off and it is your bottom line that suffers.

That said, we could always do better and I was intrigued to read a glowing review of Mark Forster's latest book 'Do It Tomorrow... and Other Secrets of Time Management' in the Work section of a recent Saturday Guardian.

Forster has carved out a niche for himself with an original take on time management and has previously published 'Get Everything Done and Still Have Time to Play' and 'How to Make Your Dreams Come True'.

His latest book is an eye opener - in a refreshing way, not in a having your eyes lasered or Clockwork Orange kind of way - and I'm working my way through it with some significant early wins. For example, I love what I've dubbed 'To Don't' lists. Simply lists of the things you are not going to do. Actually easier to stick to than the typical 'To Do' list and by sticking to the 'To Don't' list you actually have more time for the 'To Do' list. Clever eh?

Forster genuinely, almost beguilingly teaches how to get a day's work done in a day. How not to be hijacked by the myriad of distractions that stake urgent claims on our valuable time. Perhaps best of all he actually explains how the technology we seem beholden to can work to our advantage!

In fact he gave me enough time to figure out how to use Amazon Associates so if you fancy 'Do It Tomorrow' or either of his other two books, the links are here and I will earn about enough for a finger of fudge from the corner shop if you follow my advice with your wallets!

Perhaps why I decided to post this blog yesterday, but followed the book's advice and did it tomorrow. Or today as it is now. I think!

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Jill at Four Four Time said...

Another reason for keeping track of what you actually do in the day, but it should not be a time CONSUMING activity. We received this from a new client this week.
"I just wanted to let you know how pleased I was with your product. Over the last three years, I have been using an Excel spreadsheet to record time and activity, and although it seemed to be satisfactory, it was clumsy to use and relied heavily on human memory. FourFourTime has made the whole process so much easier and far more accurate. As a bonus it has revealed some serious shortcomings in my time management skills. I have no hesitation in recommending FourFourTime to my colleages and associates."