Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Blogging in the Local Press

As I type a steady stream of vans will be taking tomorrow's edition of the Newbury Weekly News off to the four corners of West Berkshire and beyond; perhaps most excitingly the NWN tomorrow contains the monthly Newbury Business News.

Readers who have stuck with this blog for a fortnight will know this forthcoming issue contains news of that West Berkshire Business Club meeting that propelled so many of us into the blogosphere, even more importantly it will publish to an audience approaching 100,000 the blog addresses of the WBBC members who had their blogs up and running by last week's deadline.

With any luck this will drive some traffic and potential business in our direction. Those who have maintained their blogs will reap the greatest reward and those who have not... well, lets hope everyone is putting entries in tomorrow welcoming new visitors to our blogs!

Incidentally, the Newbury Weekly News website Newbury Today, Reading Evening Post's Get Reading website and and the Reading Chronicle's website have all recently launched blogging pages that positively encourage our contribution. The Reading papers will even offer links to your blog in return for it featuring on their pages. Newbury Today is looking for its own bloggers to join its site.

Get posting and be sure to cross reference one another to give dear old Google a helping hand!

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