Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Miriam McCallum - Pure Genuis

It might be then end of the day, but I’d like to start at the beginning and introduce you to the co-conspirator to my first appointment; none other than life coach and NLP guru extraordinaire… Miriam McCallum.

We first encountered one another several years ago when I was drafted in to write about Miriam’s flourishing business, variously teaching Neuro Linguistic Programming and life coaching.

Fortunately for me Miriam spotted something akin to untapped Jedi powers deep within me and has been gently coaxing them out ever since. Very successfully actually and no small part of my growing success should be attributed to her ongoing support as a mentor and a friend.

Mere words cannot begin to offer the recognition that Miriam’s talents deserve. I am so thrilled that we are more than one another’s clients. I would not hesitate to recommend her skills to anyone who has the slightest inkling they can achieve more with their lives. Personally, professionally – Miriam can help you!

Many of you will know Miriam and will have in fact encountered her through the various networking groups she belongs to under the auspices of McCallum Associates; however the point I wanted to make is that without failure, every person I meet who knows Miriam will speak about her with the same warmth and genuine affection, often before recounting what they owe to the softly spoken Irish lass, who rather like another product of the Emerald Isle is: Pure Genius.

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Jill at Four Four Time said...

And she's also very beautiful! JS