Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Getting Ready to Join the Profit Club

Another busy day beckons and I am predicting the highlight will be the launch of a new Profit Club in Faringdon, that will serve a swathe of businesses from Oxford to Swindon.

I think that Profit Club is a real alternative to traditional networking and if the publicity we rustled up last week has worked it should draw in some of the most dynamic business professionals in the region.

Action International’s Profit Clubs are an exciting new development from the leading business coaching firm. Unlike traditional networking clubs where the focus is on getting referrals, Profit Club is designed to develop the business owner’s skills in a wide range of areas – including sales & marketing, finance, recruitment and team development.

Today's launch is being held at the Faringdon Enterprise Gateway. In the New Year, the group will split into two & the Swindon group will meet at Basepoint in West Swindon. In the New Year a group is set to open in Newbury and anyone from down this way will be able to switch to the new group.

The group will meet fortnightly for lunch & business development coaching. Key areas are covered in more detail at monthly training sessions, and the quarterly 90 Day Planning seminars for which many of you will know Action International.

I have attended two of the 90 Day Planning events and they are a superb way to get some first class advice from successful business professionals and to spend time on your business. They are also fantastic networking opportunities and all those businesses who go on the grow deserve good PR!

The cost of joining is less than £3 per day and this Profit Club has been founded by Action International's Sally Rainbow-Ockwell, a very talented coach who continues to introduce me to some wonderful clients.

Talking to Sally, she believes that with over 80% of small businesses failing in their first 5 years, it’s vital that business owners get the help & support that they need.

She said: "Programmes like Dragons’ Den & The Apprentice have encouraged people to follow an entrepreneurial route – it all seems very glamorous! The reality is that most small business owners work long hours for limited reward."

(I cheekily thought you might like to spend some of that reward on these related books!)

Sally continued after my marketing interlude: “It can also be a very lonely existence. Profit Club helps them to develop the wide range of skills they need in order to build successful businesses. At the same time it also provides a supportive team, a ‘board of advisors’, usually beyond their reach.”

Visit the blog later today for a report and photographs from the launch. In the meantime you can get an instant indication of what is working and what is not from Sally by clicking here and be sure to sign up here if you would like to receive her free monthly newsletter.

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