Saturday, November 25, 2006

A Little Bit Alike... Yes Indeed!

Okay! I was challenged to produce photographic evidence on my 1980s similarity to sold out comedian Ben Elton.

Leaving aside the fact the person text messaged me after reading the last post when they should have left a comment, I have had a rummage in photograph files past and come up with this little gem... with a little licence from Photoshop...

I have also been accused (yes, accused) of looking like David Baddiel and 'that bloke off the lightening seeds'. And before you call, text, email or, heaven forbid, post a request - there will be no more photographic evidence.

Stand up comedy does appeal in my more fanciful moments! And I was crowned Jongleurs SMART Gagmeister of the Year 2005, a title that took us to the Just Pour Rire, Montreal Comedy Festival this summer. So maybe one day some poor soul with warped fashion sense will be ridiculed for looking 'a bit like that bloke from Morgan PR'.

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