Thursday, November 08, 2007

Far from Frosty Reception for Property Press Release

Content aside, public relations is as much about timing as target; get the timing wrong and the most carefully crafted press release can end up in the bin – and in our email age the recycle bin and worst still with a junk mail rule if it’s inconvenient arrival irks a news editor.

With websites the timing matters much less than with print or broadcast media, but ensuring the release is actually still a news story remains paramount.

A press release for Morgan PR client, lettings agent County Property Management about how Michelle Monahan is warning her tenants about the dangers of freezing temperatures that will soon grip West Berkshire was sent out in ample time for next week’s Newbury Weekly News’ Property News.

It was also sent to the paper’s online property website Living in West Berkshire. We will see next week if the newspaper publishes the story, but Living in West Berkshire published the story online within a matter of minutes of receiving the press release.

The lesson here is to recognise that websites, by their dynamic and immediate nature, often welcome press releases; but always remember they need to be not only well written, but also a story.

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