Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Happy Birthday, Profit Club!

The Profit Club in Faringdon, run by ActionCoach Sally Rainbow-Ockwell, was one year old today. This was suitably celebrated with a buffet lunch and champagne, shared by Profit Club members and invited guests.

Sally took the opportunity to present her first annual awards after the lunch. Nick Evans of Safewell was the first to receive a prize for just how far he has developed his business, having had the foresite to joining the Profit Club just weeks after setting up his company.

It was with surprise and delight that Nigel had to hand over the camera to our guest Karen Chapple of irun WebBuild Pro, as he received his prize for the Profit Club member who has given most to other members over the past year. As many of you will know, Nigel is very generous with his time and advice and it was very kind of Sally to recognise this.

The top award went to Julie Farmer of myPA for the amazing changes that she has made both in her business and personally over the past year. I saw this change in Julie during her 60 second presentation earlier that morning; wow, she was so confident and relaxed, something I'm sure comes from being focussed and sure of where she is going.

Oh yes, and that picture of Morgan PR's award winning Managing Director with Sally Rainbow-Ockwell:

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