Friday, November 09, 2007

Power Breakfast at Newbury Business Group

For a few weeks now yours truly has opted for the fruit when I attend the Newbury Business Group on a Friday morning.

All very noble you might think and indeed, the average nature of the ‘full English’ should make switching to fruit an easy choice; however, the fruit arrives diced. Imagine the individual sized pieces that a youthful tortoise might require and you are in the right area.It also seems to take an age to arrive.

So much so people joke about the fruit being freshly imported – once it has been ordered. The problem has gotten worse with the town’s foremost networking group’s burgeoning popularity.

When members and guests are growing in number week on week, the food (not least the rabbit food) is taking longer and longer to arrive.So when it got to my one minute this morning and most people were pushing their plates aside, I was still waiting for one to arrive.

So I launched into a remarkably good natured account of how Morgan PR was working on a story about how long it would take for me to get my breakfast...And as if by magic the waitress appeared with my plate of severely chopped fruit.
“That,” I said. “Is the power of PR!”
Of course, don’t let a slow breakfast service put you off what is a cracking group, not just from the referrals that members bring one another, but the collaborative work that goes on among members too.

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