Thursday, November 22, 2007

Pork Favourite Christmas Meat: Say Turkeys!

Much of the time I am inclined to applaud and often comment on the wise words of Graham Jones, internet psychologist, however I am still retrieving my eyebrows from the loftier regions of my forehead after this post.

Entitled 'Email Marketing has yet to achieve anything' Graham reveals how a survey has revealed that British consumers would rather receive marketing direct mail than email. So that is junk mail rather than spam.

Leaving aside wondering how many people would rather receive neither, I was tickled to see that the survey that had discovered this preference for direct mail had be carried out for the Insitute of Direct Marketing. Gosh! Really?

I'm sorry, such cynicism. But honestly, can you ever imagine the direct mail industry putting out a release explaining what percentage of people had been irritated by poorly targeted direct mail? Or how many trees it takes to achieve the miniscule percentage conversion rate that makes direct mail pay?

Mandy Rice Davis, she of the 1963 Profumo Affair, is often misquoted as saying: "He would say that wouldn't he." She actually said in reply to a question in court as to why Lord Astor had denied meeting her: "Well, he would, wouldn't he?" But you get my sentiment!

Besides, at Morgan PR we have found that email marketing works very well and is more cost effective than direct mail. Of course, regardless of what method you use, it will always be the quality of your target that dictates return on investment.

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