Friday, November 30, 2007

One to One Coaching with ActionCoach

One of the most valuable benefits of being part of an ActionCoach Profit Club is the one to one sessions with your Business Coach. Morgan PR belong to the Faringdon group, run by Sally Rainbow - Ockwell.

Sally visited us today and we reviewed the progress that we have been making since our return from the Brad Sugar's seminar in Las Vegas. The main task we are now embarking on is to put down on paper on personal and business goals for 2008. Any of the 90 Day goals we set during the year should serve these 12 month goals.

As a guide, if you know exactly how you will get there, they are not stretching enough! They have to be exciting or scary, or both. We look forward to setting these and then building towards them with our 90 day goals next year. It's going to be a fabulous 2008!

Have you set goals for 2008?

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