Thursday, November 08, 2007

Have You Got a Minute?

Those networkers amongst you could well start spotting some dynamic, all new and improved one minute presentations at your various meetings very soon.

Business people from across West Berkshire and the Thames Valley attended the FSB One Minute Masterclass, organised by Michelle Lucas of GreenFields life and executive coaching and run by ActionCoach Sally Rainbow- Ockwell earlier today at the very swish, indeed Michelin recommended lsq2 brasserie at GreenPark in Reading.

It was cappuchinos and lattes all round as a curious crowd gathered to find out how to improve their pitch when standing jelly-legged in front of other entrepeneurs.
With some killer tips dished out by Sally it was left to Lucy Venables of Red Prosper and my fellow director and husband, Nigel went first to show us how it should be done.

Working in couples and groups, confidence soon grew and by the end, the nerve wracking ordeal that is public speaking seemed slightly less daunting.

So look out for the polished pitches coming to a meeting near you soon!

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