Friday, November 16, 2007

NRG giving!

Morgan PR went along today to the NRG Business Networks meeting at Wokefield Park as guests of ActionCoach Sally Rainbow-Ockwell. This proved to be a very well organised meeting, starting with delicious coffee and pastries and moving on to a useful Lead Generation seminar. A tasty lunch followed, and conversation with other NRG members.

Sally had described NRG as 'grown-up' networking and we could see what she meant; the more laid back nature of a lunch session allowed for a better opportunity to chat to people and discover more about them and their services than a breakfast normally allows. Then again, which of these meals eats less into the working day?

The members were very welcoming and it was an extremely pleasant way to do business. We will visit the Swindon meeting before making our minds up, as the geography suits us slightly better, but joining up to this innovative and forward thinking group at one or other location will definately be one of Morgan PR's New Year Resolutions.

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Dave Clarke said...

Thanks for your very kind comments. Especially the resolution!

Good Networking!
Dave Clarke