Thursday, November 22, 2007

The Uniquely Named Fifi & Moose

If you will allow me a sweeping generalisation, I believe that in business there are broadly speaking two kinds of owners: those who get it and those who don't. The former are likely to succeed and the latter may, but it will be in spite of themselves - and they will not have nearly as much fun.

Someone I think 'get's it' is Ali Goodman, the owner of the uniquely named 'Fifi & Moose' boutique in Weavers Walk, Newbury.

A former manager of Monsoon and Waud in Newbury, Ali had some very clear ideas when she launched the shop earlier this year . She explained: “I wanted a distinctly different shopping atmosphere which is friendly and relaxed, where there is no pressure.

“We are spread over two floors and the stock is constantly changing so customers are always surprised. We understand perfectly just how much women like to shop but also offer help to those who find it difficult putting their own look together. Customer service is a real focus for us and our team offer a friendly and warm welcome.

“It is about being on trend rather than high fashion. There is so much throw away fashion out there today but we like to endorse quality, our clothes are an investment.

Fifi & Moose is one of the 'Hidden Treasures' I have been learning so much about over the past week as Morgan PR writes about businesses that rightly or wrongly earn the title. This is a store that deserves to be found - although I know a few husbands who would strongly disagree with me!

And where does that name come from?

“Everyone asks that, but honestly, there is no story. Except everyone names boutiques after themselves and I wanted something different, something a bit more fun that people would comment on and most importantly remember... no-one can forget Fifi & Moose!”

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