Friday, July 18, 2008

Wellbeing for Work pays dividends on health and profits

From improved attendance to greater productivity, not to mention the long term health benefits, there is a growing recognition that a fit and healthy workforce can make a difference to the bottom line, and Wellbeing for Work is a company at the forefront of this revolution.

Founded by entrepreneur Sam Fuller (pictured here) and following the success of Absolute Nutrition. Indeed it was through her work as a highly successful nutritionist with two practices that she became aware the majority of her clients came from the corporate sector and were often sedentary office workers spending long hours behind their desks, going from meeting to meeting.

Morgan PR met Sam earlier today to learn more about Wellbeing for Work for a feature we have been commissioned to write. She explained: “This sedentary lifestyle was causing them high stress levels and exhaustion. These symptoms were really impacting on their work life balance and when I spoke to the businesses involved I realised there was a solution – and Wellbeing for Work was born.

“Our Health and Wellbeing programmes provide a fresh new approach for early intervention and prevention of ill health at work. We aim to improve employees’ mental and physical capacity for engagement and performance and help them to recognise the value of self management of health during demanding times."

Backed up by testimonials and more importantly facts and figures on attendance and productivity it is clear that companies will soon have to heed the expert advice of people like Sam Fuller. Of course those who truly care about their employees may wish to make contact even sooner.

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