Tuesday, July 08, 2008

Please speak after the tone? Not with call handling service Verbatim

Who among us has not despaired at being prompted to leave a voicemail message, immediately unsure when or even if it will be checked? And how often is an important voicemail message apparently never received?

Here at Morgan PR we are proud to use local Newbury company Verbatim to ensure that people do not have to leave voicemail messages or indeed hear an engaged tone when they call us. Admittedly out of hours you have the option of leaving a message that is promptly emailed to our data hungry Blackberrys, but experience has taught us not many people call out of hours!

So we were interested to spot this story on Times Online which illustrates the frustration that people have with voicemail, explores some high tech solution, but completely misses the opportunity people have to use companies like Verbatim to ensure their callers never have to speak after the tone!

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