Wednesday, July 02, 2008

Learning about business with ActionCoach

Morgan PR's involvement with ActionCoach began at the Regency Park Hotel in Thatcham in October 2005, when I attended a seminar to write a feature about the business coaching company; last night I was back there for the 2008 equivalent, only this time I was introducing the speaker, Sally Rainbow-Ockwell.

It was really good to have the opportunity to talk about the help she has given us to a group of people who are exploring the potential of business coaching; not least as I recall the bubbling cynicism that I bathed in the first time I encountered the group. Oh how times change!

We had over 20 people at the event and there was an element of 'Newbury Business Group at Large' with quite a few delegates coming from Newbury's foremost networking group. Ever the professional networkers though they neatly spread themselves around the room.

Robin Winnett from Kaizen Systems, Suzanne Goodland from Integrating HR, Karen Chapple from Irun Solutions, David Lewis from Dontex Systems, Michelle Lucas from Greenfields Consultancy, Carl Wheatley from The Bridge and Kate Taylor from The Virtual Business Team were NBG members at the seminar. Also there with Morgan PR clients Inspiration Architects and Proport Eco-Sevice's Antony Straszewski was there too, and you'll recognise that name from this entry in last week's blog

Among the other businesses we know were Kevin Rayner and Ali Rayner from Rayner Diesel, Tracy Clements from Strategic Office Services, Graham Chapple and Darren Boyce from Applinet and Donna Byatt from Why Not Jewellery.

It proved a lively seminar - which is testimony to Sally's skills as a presenter because the hotel's air conditioning was faulty and we had been encouraged to 'open the windows'; it left the room stuffy and sticky on a humid evening!

Plenty of the group have taken the opportunity to book an appointment with Sally in the near future... which would be the next step on a remarkable journey.

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