Thursday, July 24, 2008

Barefoot Medicine and acupuncture for children

“People do not really think of treating children with acupuncture,” explained Simone Davis of Barefoot Medicine as she delicately applies a needle into a toddler’s back as the child’s mother looks on, free of anxiety knowing her son is in very good hands.

A veteran of numerous acupuncture treatments I am not squeamish about this, but do feel honoured to see such a talented practitioner at work. Morgan PR was meeting Simone for the first time in order to write a feature for the forthcoming August edition of Newbury Business Today.

The child is clutching ‘Acu Ted’ who is actually a rabbit, but very cuddly and when one paw is squeezed a child’s voice exclaims: ‘I’m poorly, I need some acupuncture’. When the other is squeezed ‘Acu Ted’ confirms: ‘I’m all better now!’ Simone Davis rightly thought the toy would help soothe youngsters’ worries about the needles – although they soon discover it does not hurt.

Simone actually trained with another acupuncturist who has featured on this blog, Julia Stanbrook, as she explained: “I was originally a patient of Julia Stanbrook of Naseby Needles and became very interested in acupuncture, so much so she encouraged me to train. When Julia emigrated earlier this year I was delighted to welcome all her patients into my clinic. In fact, I felt quite honoured that in true Chinese tradition, my mentor of so many years passed on her 12-year-old business to me."

Simone can treat children and adults for a host of conditions, and her expertise as a herbalist allows her to combine treatments for greater efficacy. You can learn more about her services by visiting the Barefoot Medicine website, or by reading Newbury Business Today on August 7.

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