Friday, July 18, 2008

It was Newbury Business Group... only different.

The Newbury Business Group is the foremost independent networking group in West Berkshire - we do not seek to profit from our members nor cash in on the abundant referrals and collaboration that it encourages, so it was an honour to be asked to chair this mornings and indeed next week's meetings while the chairman, Mark Arrowsmith from Snappy Snaps, is on holiday.

Unusually we did not have a 10 minute slot today where the group benefits from a masterclass from one of its members, so it gave me the opportunity to mix things up a little... The premise was simple: you introduce the person to your left before they do their one minute presentation and introduce the person to their left - and so on it would go.

Immediately it started quite the chattering kerfuffle as some members sought to reassure themselves that they actually knew what it was the person sat to their left did for a living. Which with the exception of the guests was a little alarming, after all surely we all know what one another actually does?

With Search Engine Optimisation supremo Chris Turberville-Tully from Inspiration Ink sat to my left I have to admit my task was a simple one, but everyone managed the task, even if some took considerably longer than others to manage a simple introduction, with one of two opting for a practical eulogy! Indeed Robin Winnett, from Kaizen Systems, practically had me in tears!

Special mention must surely go to Mark Furneaux from Lestac Services, who managed to give a terrific introduction to guest Alex Knapp from CIS Assessment having only met him for a few minutes.

With so much fun and frolics it was little wonder we ran past 9 o'clock this morning, however the universal opinion was positive. So, next week fancy dress?

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