Thursday, July 03, 2008

Sheepdrove Eco-Conference Centre proves perfect for Morgan PR planning

Much as brilliant public relations does not happen by accident, neither does the burgeoning success that Morgan PR is enjoying. Both take more than a little careful planning and we took the day out today to do just that - plan.

More specifically the next 90 days. Those familiar with the world's number one business coaching company ActionCoach will know that the concept of breaking down your goals into 90 day segments is an essential first step to achieving not only your annual goals, but those more distant five, 10 and even 15 year goals (yep, we have them all!).

So with phones diverted to Verbatim, the premier call handling service that we use, we heading across to the Sheepdrove Eco-Conference Centre near Lambourn to spend a day plotting immediate future of Morgan PR.

We had opted for a surely unique conference facility - The Rook's Nest, which is a round room within the red coloured tower pictured above and it is kitted out with sumptious sheepskin bean bags that somehow prove adept at getting the creative juices flowing.

Although after a sumptious lunch bursting with flavour and all sourced from Sheepdrove's organic farm, the bean bags were tempting for a less productive snooze. However, no such option was allowed for we were joined by our business coach, Sally Rainbow-Ockwell for the second half of the day, offering her considerable expertise to test our plans for the future and hone them to more aspirational and yet achievable outcomes.

Sally is pictured below with Diane from Morgan PR clearly thrilled with the tremendous targets we have set ourselves! That or the comfort of those bean bags!

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