Monday, July 28, 2008

Newbury photographer the talk of the town

The power of a good image is something Morgan PR has talked about before and not least when exploring the excellent work of Newbury's awarding winnng photographer Giles Penfound.

His work will be seen by millions this summer after he was commissioned to create the images for a new poster campaign for the National Maritime Museum in Greenwich, London.

We are proud to work with Giles and today a story about his poster campaign has been published on Newbury Business Today. You can also learn more about his work on Giles Penfound's website.

Surely the easiest thing to do is to publish the posters here on the blog and you will quickly understand the impact these powerful photographs can have. Hands up who wants to go to Greenwich?

Giles created these images below to bring home that the National Maritime Museum is about more than all things nautical to a younger audience.

Finally, seeing the images here on the Morgan PR blog is one thing, but how fabulous does the poster look in situ on the Tube at Knightsbridge?

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