Monday, July 14, 2008

New chef at Le Petit Square in Newbury

Morgan PR was recently retained to represent Le Petit Square, one of only two restaurants in Newbury to earn the coveted 'Highly Recommended' accolade from Michelin - and the other is sister restaurant The Square!

First order of business was to promote the arrival of a new chef at the Market Place restaurant and today that has been published online at Newbury Business Today.

When most of us are exposed to an unhealthy diet of Gordon Ramsay swearing his way through what might otherwise be good television (the exception is the US version of Hell's Kitchen where those wanna be executive chefs deserve to be more than sworn at most of the time!) it was refreshing to meet the blissfully calm John Cowan.

Or as owner Suzanne Hemchaoui put it:"John impressed us with his vision and flair in the kitchen, he is a good leader and is the calmest chef I have ever known and seems totally unflappable, but most of all he produces outstanding and delicious food.

"His new menu has proved a real hit with our regulars and has prompted some enthusiastic comments from first time visitors our French Bistro, ‘Une petite partie de Paris au coeur de Newbury'."

As a nice touch we entitled the press release that went out as ‘Communiqué de Presse’ which seemed fitting for a French bistro, especially one where 75% of the customers will order in French too!

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